Pomegranate Savior

Mama, you are the very
Epitome, the goddess
Of life
And I am your other half, your balance.

How long did you seriously expect me
To stay above, where
The same sunlight that kisses your golden skin
Glares down on me,
Burning my youthful eyes?

Mama, you dance
In Summer's rain,
The same time
I wait for storms and lightening.

Did you really,
Honestly, believe them, when they said
I had been kidnapped
While picking flowers?

Did you never,
Ever think, that when the Earth split open at my feet
I hauled his dark chariot?
That my cries as we flew away were not of fear,
But from the sweet foreign taste of freedom?

So when I recognized your familiar shadow
In the Underworld I ruled
Knowing how you planned to drag me back
And again expose me to that harsh, empty sky
I couldn't run away fast enough.

Do you really think Hades
Was the reason I ate that fruit?


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