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She'll never get anywhere the way she acts, they all say.
What's her problem
She thinks she's to good, they all whisper.
It's all about her
If only they knew.
I'm quiet because I'm afraid
Will you judge me in what I say?
No don't say anything, they don't care what you have to say
They're staring at you, look away
More people are coming, don't introduce yourself
Leave, they won't notice, go to your room
I think they are better off when I'm not there, yeah I'm probably the problem
Peace of mind
She cares for no one but herself
She's fake and everyone knows it!
She's not a good person
She's not a good wife
She's worthless, she doesn't take care of you
I have to answer this call
I have to reply to their message
Don't do it!
Don't do it!!!
Stay home
Like pictures but don't reply!!
Go in your room stay in your safe space
Peace of mind
Don't panic I tell myself just send it
I don't send it, I dance instead
Stop dancing, no one likes you
Stop moving around, everyone's looking
Stop fidgeting, no one likes it
Stop crying, you're over reacting
Stop just stop, you're not good enough
I'm not good enough...
Peace of mind
She's so weird
She's a child
So immature
So inappropriate
Tell her you care, you want to see her
No, she already knows it
Call them they need to hear from you
No they're better off without my existence
Too needy I'm too needy
Help me, I'm battling a war inside my head
Help me I don't mean to ignore you
Help me I don't mean to be rude
Help me it looks like I'm organized
Help me I'm doing good in school
Help me I cry at night
Help me I don't sleep well
Help me I tuck myself in a closet so I can get peace of mind!!!
Help me my mind is screaming
Help me I am suffering
Help me I've had enough
I care I do
I think about you more than I ever think about my well being
I think more than I should
Let me be around people
Let me get out of my home
Do you see me?
Let me know
I need to know you care
Do you care?
Touch me, look at me, pay attention to me
I see you, do you see me?
Pay attention to me
Just pay attention to me...
I'm okay, do you see, I am NOT OKAY!!!
Breathe, let it go, breathe - I can't breathe...
I can't stay here I want to go home
They are your family you need to act right
I want to go home, I want to go home...
No one understands, they don't understand
Call them, tell them, ask them
Was that hard?
You don't know...
My head is exploding when you tell me I need to ask where to go
My mind is racing when you tell me I need to call for an appointment
My heart is breaking when you tell me 'no you do it'
Damn... I am an inconvenience
That's right I am worthless
A roll of the eyes?

Damn... I am no help
That's right I am just a burden
Find your peace of mind my strong flower

Find it and do not let it go

We can one day find eachother and prosper in our mental growth

But until then,

I myself, am still on my journey to discover- my own, peace of mind...

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