Politics and Prom Dates


You say that it's your job, that all you want

is to teach us and to care and you don't see that you really can't.

This class is only supposed to be about memorizing dates and places and people

Not taking about prom dates and Newsweek.

You don't teach us anything that we're supposed to be learning

And then you blame us for being


Because the entire class is just that.

SO utterly behind where we're supposed to be,

and it doesn't help that you can't be

on time. Like ever.

You tell us things such as no one

else in the school could even possibly care

anywhere near as much as you do.

I think you care just a little too


Care too much about politics and silly things like Obama and

his plethera of vacations. Care too much about who's failing-

and whoever is failing it's there own fault because the class

itself is an easy grade. You're the one who makes it hard.

Harping about not having homework done then giving us

class time to do it.

Always. Every single time. Without fail.

And back to those failures, we who are not failures

would like to point out that we do not appreciate the

kidnapping of our valuble classtime to speak with them.

They're the ones who are failing, make them come to you

on their own time. Don't waste any more of ours.


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