A Politician's Jurisdiction Over Guns

With the power to destroy in their own hands

Rage and indignation dominate their stands

Fearless and unknowing of the consequence

This only leaves me questioning their competence

What they call their problem solver

Is what goes by the name of a revolver

This object, they take it upon their most prized honor

The object that assists in the despiteful act of manslaughter

Their actions with this object are sending the message of war

And you tell me that regulation should not require more control?

As if this object is not the cause of their temptation

This that leads to the victims and their own devastation

They do not question their actions, they just put their finger on the trigger

With such an easiness, as if it were only an act of vigor

But behind the fools act, their only lies cowardice

Accompanied by a dangerous amount of avarice

Yet who is to blame, The carrier or the object?

Or does the court decide upon the motives of the suspect?

I think we can agree that there is more than one to blame

The founding fathers must look upon us with shame

Was this what they intended with the second amendment?

An excuse for citizens to lead with their own resentment?

Six thousand and eight hundred and twenty seven incidents and still no legislation

They call their legislation, “means for protection”, this only causes my frustration

Has our system of law enforcement become so ineffective?

Is open carry our definition of being protective?

These sort of afflictions are destroying our government

We have resorted to an old western fundament

The Bill of Rights continues to be misunderstood

Leading to anarchy rather than statehood

It is in the politician’s judgement to activate its power

The power initially granted for a certain encounter

When natural rights are in danger of being deprived

The right to life, liberty, and happiness from where the meaning was derived

Let there be no more deaths, provide a ban and a restriction

For this is the weapon most familiar to the politician

Let there be no more crime

For, we are running out of time

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My community
My country


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