Politically Passioned


A passion is a longing,

A deep down tug or sorts,

That pulls and guides you every day,

To new mountain tops and new ports.


My passion is very special,

It involves all of you,

My passion is politics you see,

The art of opinionated views.


I love the policies, laws, and parties,

Every bill and every theory,

Even when at times,

It can all be a little dreary.


I love it not because of power,

Or the status that it brings,

I love it because I can help people,

So that freedom always rings.


Freedom isn’t guaranteed,

We must defend it every day,

We need men and woman like me,

To make sure America stays this way.


 My passion of mine will never fade,

Never wither nor surrender,

I will always have a passion for politics,

A dedicated liberty defender.


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