Poison By the Glass


United States
40° 51' 2.5632" N, 73° 13' 3.2052" W

Every sip you take and another toxin attempts to destroy your core
You don’t know it, but you show it, your mind and body are at war.
There’s no remedy for a disease that attacks its victims by surprise
Your negligent nature ensures that this illness will be your demise.

For every empty glass, for each bottle hidden behind your closet door
There’s a child with tears rolling down his cheek and has his knees on the floor
Praying to that Higher Power of his asking for guidance and a little advice
He’s got a loving mother, but that love doesn’t come without a price.

You can tell me it’s your last glass and that tomorrow you’ll quit
You can play this game with me, but I know better than to believe it.
I have heard the same old story from you about a hundred times before
A little white lie only goes so far, but it’s honesty that I am looking for.

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