Pointless Rhymes

"I like big books and I cannot lie"..

And poems that especially rhyme

My escape as a child and in time,

An escape from the "Me" I spent years trying to find.


Holding on to the words of the pages

Of far off lands and birds with the faces

Of mystical beings and magical places...


And music my muse

Thou art sweet and soft

Or red but lovely nonetheless

The tool I use to unravel the

Chords of my mind...

...Such a beautiful mess.


From out of the ghetto I rose like

The flower and said hello to a world

I never knew

And I spread out my petals and

Flew high from the gravel and

Said goodbye to what

I was accustomed to.


These things are my rock

These things captured me

And set me free along the shores.

Of Wonder and Ambition

To be a free bird

Leaving me hoplessly, happily

Yearning for more.


And I continue to rage in this

Fight ff a life

Determined- a willful art.

For when I look in the mirror I'll still

See the one lost in the pages & lyrics

That are forever tied to her heart.


So now you see..

There is so much stardust in her being

There is so much dream in her bold eyes

There is so much beyond her seeing

And there is so much

To what you may think

Are just my Pointless Rhymes.



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