Poets lament

There's  many a poet left by the wayside

as they travel the publishing trail

the words so cleverly together 

help picture the poetic tale

But the journey is long and frustrating 

the rockey road full of hope and despare

With all that imaginative creation

at the end does anyone care

The pen scribbles out your annoyance 

to help paint the pictures you write

The world and it's problems you answer

But then,not everything's so black and white

The world has it's problems we all know

perhaps somethings you say could ring true 

wisdom and knowledge is something

if your words may help only a few

But why should you sit and why worry

are you the only one just to see

In the end are you writing for pleasure 

Let the wheel of fortune spin free

If you've bent all the ears in creation

sometimes turned life's corners too fast

What you have set out to do is what matters

From your pen your words will now last 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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