Poetry Took My Pain


United States
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When thousands of thoughts go through my head
When the everyday pace ceases to end
I close my mouth and open my heart
I write out the panic and all of the pain
This domino effect brings rushed worries and thoughts
This moment of flashbacks, reliving in vain
My sunshine
My comfort
Now far, faraway
Now I turn to my mind and the words born in pain
I write to overcome, to express what is gone
I write to let others know this struggle we share
To acknowledge and bring light to the panic we face
To lay down the hardships and stand up through the rain
I walk on through life, my chin to the sky
Knowing that I gave poetry my pain



Sometimes it's hard to talk to people about your problems. That is why I write poetry. It never judges and always listens. It is my own private place to let my pain escape to

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