Poetry is poetry.

My definition of poetry: undefined.

You wanted a metaphor? Look at the title.
Whoops, I accidentally used some capitals there, 
and the punctuation's proper period.
Did you see that alliteration?
I 'll even give you some amplification.
Did you see that rhythm in rhyme?
Let me elaborate; 
go on a bit to explain myself, 
so you can understand my views.
Poetry is not only rhyme, a verse, 
but a concept, 
a feeling, 
a thought.
Whether it's free as a bird, 
or structured, like the buildings high.
It doesn't have to be long and boring,
but it doesn't have to be short and brief.
As well my dears,
I hope to make myself clear, 
you cannot compare it to a painting, a drawing, music
which is where many have fears.
That is Picasso, to Vivaldi.
both are great,
but how to compare?
Shall I continue to throw my words around as 
a meaningless statement, 
as many of you have already stated.. 

So tell me. 

Is this good enough for you?

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