Poetry Means...

Poetry means expression,

Creation of a better world,

A chance to be myself.

In a world as constricting as this one,

Poetry is an escape,

A way to say who i am without being recognized.

When i write,

I am free.

Free from reality,

Free from pain,

Free from tears.

Some might say

That poetry is silly;

For children.

These people have obviously never felt

The wonder of putting pen to paper

And letting your soul be free,

Lifting the burdens of life

With a few simple lines,

Joining together to create words,

Then sentences,

Then a poem.

When i write,

I expose myself,

Opening my heart for people to come in,

Look around.

I trust they will not break it,

With the knowledge that i am still hidden,

And they will never see all of me.

Poetry means freedom,

Growing wings

And soaring through a cloudless sky.


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