Poetry Is A Dream

Poetry Is a Dream.


Poetry is a dream

It begins when you close your eyes and let your unconscious imagination take over.

There are no impossibilities, only the possible.

Our deepest desires, emotions, and thoughts

More secrets and memories; one can get lost.

As the dream begins its endless bliss;

Nothing can be more astonishing.

Dreaming of true loves kiss.

Walking down an endless road. 

So many stories to be told.

Walking down an endless road.

There is beauty in the unknown.

The deeper and deeper you fall,

The more and more you’re enthralled.

Looking down an empty hall-way

Someone is walking your- way.

Our deepest fears.

The once brightly lit hall is now getting darker and darker with every breath.

The walls are closing in

Can you really be asleep?

Maybe you’re just hallucinating.

What once was a fantasy,

Is now eating away at you in your dreams.

But this is no dream; there are no blue skies, rainbows and butterflies.

There are no knights in shining armor to come save you from your demons.

My mother once told me, “When you’re afraid in your sleep, take control and say you’re not afraid.”

I am not afraid.

So my demons I shall slay.

Poetry is a Dream.

Its never as it seems.

What began as make believe turned into a nightmare

The dream is over now; I am awake.

Still it’s on replay in my brain.

It hides in the confines of my mind

When I close my eyes and let my unconscious imagination take over.

But I am not afraid and my demons I shall slay.



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