The Poetry Analysis Poem

I have no problem reading that poem, And I will gladly read that play,But ask me to analyze them,And my vision starts going gray.  I can recognize a metaphor,And similies are as easy as pie,But you say the author used them for a reason,And you want me to tell you why?  I can barely understand Shakespeare,And Sappho is incomplete.Frost is always fun, but analyses?Forget it! Poems are easier to eat. How am I supposed to write an essay,About a poem that's a hundred years old, When all I can accomplish is a bad title, Then click "underline" and "bold." I have the outline all typed up,Now all I need is the information.Why don't you just give it to me?It'll save us all the frustration. I'm supposed to explain everything.The who, what, when, where, how and why.Well, all I really want to do,Is curl up in a ball and cry. "Pay attention to the structure," You say,"The rhyme and the meter."Well, while you're at it?
Go find a dead horse, and beat 'er. By asking me to analyze them,You ruin a perfectly good poem.Now, why don't you tell me,Would you bring a robber into your home? I do, in fact, like to read,And I've read tons of books,But analysis is different,And frankly? It sucks.

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