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Poetry was what I use as an outlet or coping mechanism,

adopted to vent my emotions and frustrations in high school.

High school. 

High school is where my life descended further to helpless, 

but too, when I started to do something about it.

Read, write, talk, 

the things I didn't do in middle school because I was too lazy.


Lazy is the word used for when I felt too depressed.

When I felt like I couldn't get up in the morning, 

let alone finish my homework in the evening.


Evening is the time I spent lying in my bedroom alone,

possibly resorting to self abuse,

but certainly staring at the ceiling,

feeling too tired to even watch TV.


TV is a manner by which I could measure my productivity.

Too many episodes meant I was unproductive.

A few meant I did something besides cry,

or lie around feeling helpless.


Helpless is how I felt every day,

being made to get up again and again,

to face the torments of not only society but also my mind,

and how I could not connect the two by any means but poetry.


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