Poetry Is...


A Pen and some paper,

This is all that I need,

To express the various emotions pent up inside of me.

I let these words that I write flow so freely,

From my heart to the ball of my pen,

As I let my words do the speaking.


Poetry is my source of happiness-

I laugh, I smile, & feel bliss.

My joy is evident

In the way that I write;

I talk about the great things in my life

And reflect on situations that tend to produce my smile

When I talk to and thank God that I am alive

Or To feel the very love that some feel is hard to find.

Or the simple fact that I am able to voice the thoughts that cloud my mind

From time to time,

Happy because I'm able to convey any message through these lyrical rhymes.


Poetry is my outlet-

This is how I vent.

I scream, I shout, & I cry,

For those elementary schools kids in Connecticut,

Who have lost their lives,

Because of a gun in the hands of 1 man, who later committed suicide.

I cry out for little Allison, Noah, Caroline, and others who didn't survive

These terrifying cases of this elementary school homicide.


I scream and shout through my poetry.

I let out all of my anger

Because of the constant crime in the world that happens on the regular.

I turn on the news and hear that a young black male wearing a black hoodie was shot by a white stranger,

Because apparently the color of his skin and the clothes he was wearing served to be a great danger.


So my pen and my paper,

Is all that I need,

When I sit down and write the words that flow so freely .

So poetry is my passion, my outlet, and my source of happiness

In which I let my words do all of the speaking.

All in all, poetry is my everything.



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