A Poetic Revolution


United States
37° 34' 49.2996" N, 77° 29' 14.658" W

ts looked at as if I dont go, I wont get no where
I just want to learn something, I'll remember for my future
Instead of getting tested on information I am not planning on using
Sometimes I dont comprehend, no compliments go to
The teachers that cant teach and you know who you
Are because your curriculum is more confusing
Than trying to undertand what Im not learning
Focused on earning more dead old persons, but Im nervous
That the money will blind me but I write my rhymes for a purpose
Change the world drastically, without causing any causalties
So in reality I wanna do more than what one does averagely
I dont believe in the belief of Evolution
Cuz we are a declining society, so I lead this Poetic Revolution


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