Poetic Philosophy


If a boy sinks to his knees

Crying out her name in the middle of the night

But she isn’t there to hear him

Does he make a sound?


If a boy wears his heart on his sleeves

Hoping that she’ll notice his unique choice in apparel

Oblivious to her murderous dagger of indifference

Is he wasting his time?


If a boy writes about her daily

Confessing with words his feelings for the girl of his dreams

Even though they are nothing more than empty symbols on a page to her

Should he feel deceived or stupid?


If a boy cringes at the sight of her boyfriend

Knowing that he could treat her better

Wishing for a chance to prove himself just once

Would he be qualified as selfish?


If a boy could list every reason why he liked her

Recite all her favorite things in alphabetical order

And tell you just how much it hurt to watch the girl of his dreams silently reject him

Does he deserve asylum?


If a boy could say I love you…

No, if a boy could yell I love you…

No, if a boy could tear out his heart and soul

Sing every love song in the book

And still have the audacity to keep all his secrets inside to preserve his friendship with this girl……

Can he get just one chance?





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