Poetic News

Colorado burns because the wind is powerful, pushing human arrogance aside

AOC wants Republicans to fantasize about having sexual relations with her

Biden is still confused and getting older

Trump plays monopoly with real money

Global warming is growing cold

And on and on and on, the people of Earth embrace hate and confusion

so what's the point of writing poetry?


To express when every expression is spoken for?

Black lives matter more now after the riots and racial hatered?

White lives in New York truly don't matter when it comes to Covid treatments.

Guns should be banned

More males should change genders and break all prior womens achievements

in sport

in intellect

and then again, when will the Chinese finally get the shit started

just in time for aliens and asteroids

where everything can finally get back to normal and people can write poetry about butterflies

and love

while hunkered down in a bomb shelter or bunker

living off stale crackers and Spam.


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