Poetic Discovery

When I discovered poetry I didn't know what to think.
I couldn't understand it, like it was a riddle.
I didn't know that it would actual help me express myself
I wasn't expressive as a child and even now people say I have "Resting Bitch Face". People thought I was mad or sad or bored. I also didn't know how to vocalize my thoughts. And it was like being trapped in dark water not being able to breathe.

A few years ago I found a book with all of Shakespeare's sonnets. I read it and cried. I had found my way to express my feelings.
I never knew words could impact me and steal me away so easily.
I could feel and smell and taste what writer wanted me to. I could see them and be them. I could see the world through their eyes.
I am bad at rhyming and bad at making sense.
But poetry doesn't need to make sense.
This may not be a poem but it is too me.
Poetry is more than making comparisons or making a silly and dramatic turn around.
It is the way music feels.
It is th way colors sound.
It is the way water tastes.
It is the way I feel about pizza.

I love poetry because it is everything and everything is poetry.

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