Poetic Bodies Speak Over Loud Voices

My mind is running wild,

Petiently searching for your face.

My mind is running wild again,

Your absence giving me pain.


Your body is the climax of my story,

My lucky pennies can't defeat your specialty,

Your broken watch is right twice a day,

Poetic bodies speak over loud voices.


Hot sensations grow regretfull,

Losing fingers to our broken promises,

I dance to your silent presence,

Because poetic bodies speak over loud voices.


My insanity fights my sanity,

But your hand would always reach me,

Twin cars would drive by,

Making me deluded thinking your inside.


I'm a painting reimagined in your head,

An outcast on a story you never clearly see,

You ignored the main focus of the main story,

And you ponder over the background shown for your eyes.


Not everything is meant to be,

It's okay to say you can't at times,

Trying leads to crying,

Poetic bodies speak over loud voices.



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