I’d like to meet you sometime, poetess.
Your moving poetry fascinates me.
You have a matchless imagination.
The lyrics of your poems pierce my heart.
Don’t let anyone discourage you.
Express your deepest thoughts,
Compose your autobiography,
Write poetic lines from the heart,
And narrate the tale of your loneliness.

You worked so hard to make it in writing.
You did your best in the literary arts,
And your poems are widely known.
I want your autograph on this book.
Although you’re a successful writer,
Your quest for love leads to frustration.
Be patient, don’t give up on love.
You’ll find love when you least expect it.
The heart that loves is worthy of love.

You’re not the only one who’s hurting.
My sad heart knows your pain.
You and I have two things in common,
We’re fellow poets and we’re lovesick teens.
Poetess, we’d make a perfect team.
I suggest we co-write a poem of love.
Chances are you may desire me,
And I may fall for you before we finish.
We can console each other’s heart.


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