The Poet, Rapper, and Dreamer.

He has 20 different books with lyrics in them. Some written in pen, while others in pencil. He promised his family that he'll write and perform his music until something happens. ''Hey, listen to this new rap that I've written.'' He had nothing, but family, instrumentals and the lyricsm that could fill loads of books. Tired nights up writing. These lyrics are his life, it helps him to keep fighting. No one wants to hear an unnamed artist. No one wants to give the dreamer a chance. But that doesn't matter. He goes back to his room and write to instrumentals. Tupac did not start off hot. Kanye wasn't always where he is now. Jay-Z wasn't always up. So, the rapper is ready for the road that is up ahead. Cyphers, freestyles, collabs, whatever. He is ready for whatever. His lyrics resonates. His lyrics carries weight and empathy. These are not getting high, getting some pussy, killing somebody type lyrics. These are lyrics from the soul. From the heart. These are lyrics of struggle and lyrics of trying to get over the hill of life. He never gives up, for he knows what he is fighting for. And that's a life of where his music can be heard and where struggling financially is no longer a hurdle in life. Keep fighting, dreamer. The stars are almost in your grasp.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



Honestly this is my favorite. I hope you added a sick beat, because this flows perfectly. Loved it 


Thanks! I've actually didn't write it to a beat. Thanks for liking it.

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