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Wed, 04/17/2013 - 22:35 -- Takara


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Poet breathe now,
Because if you don't
You won't make history,
And no one in the future
Will be able to identify this
As his story.

Breathe now,
Because with every breath that you take,
It's like the hairs of a paintbrush
Creating the most beautiful
Peace of art,
That will even make
Mona Lisa Smile.

Breathe now,
Because the sound of your breath
Is like music notes that fills the air
In an auditorium,
That will make
Bach think "Wow".

Breathe now,
Because you're words are more than words
But a revelation
To the world
And all its endured
Crazy situations.

Breathe now ,
Because your breath
Is what helps you keep living,
Its your voice of wisdom
Your peace of mind, what makes you shine,
Your breath
Helps you be divine.

Breathe Now,
Because your breath
Gives voice to the people
Who are silent, but
Shall be silenced no more.

Poet, please, breathe now
Because each breath
That you take,
Is the greatest poem
Ever written with just one

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This poem is my favorite poem that I have written thus far. I was inspired to write based off of a poem on "Louder Than A Bomb", and as soon as the poet finished his poem named "Poet Breathe Now", I immediately began to write this poem and titled it "Poet Breathe Now". I thank him for inspiring me.

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