This is a Poem, Just to Say

this is a poem, just to say

i am in the place where 

today is tomorrow already


the ground sways only

when i wish it to


the blood still rushes

through my temples


my sinews of my legs have grown 

strong and straight


my teeth are set clean tombstones

my eyes are rosary beads


and mama is here too.



the fireplace stones 

are warmed like leather in summer


the grass is cool and stains my knees

when i wish it 

and like a great fine faux mink 

in easter pastel green 

when i do not


the peaks of the russian onion domes

with their unreachable guardrails

i leap and stride atop them

and the streetdancers

they toss their gold up to me


and each invention and far-flung mountain

i may mold out of cloud dust 

with bare supple palms


with my new strong sinews

i handcraft and ascend 

rope ladders of my own black hair


and mama is here too



at the top is tomorrow 

and below is you

and love,



mama is here too




This poem is about: 
Our world


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