Poem of Hope by Courtney Verhoek

Sat, 02/01/2020 - 19:33 -- cv3217

As I sat in the cold, colorless room,

Tears spilling from my eyes, I think:

'Nobody needs me' and 'Nobody cares'

My friends, they concern themselves with themselves

My joy had shackles chained to the deepest part of me

My mind was dust-ridden

My fists were clenched, begging someone to hear

The screams of my soul

But I look to my left and see a Friend, who says:

'Are you okay?' and 'Talk to me about it'

I remember the stories she's told of her cancer-ridden sister

and of her anxiety-filled mind, and of how her smile is still the brightest

If her laugh is still the sweetest, if her words are still the kindest,

Then I do have hope; although small, at least I have Something.

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