A Poem About Love

They say love is a beautiful thing,
“When you find it, you know”
How will I know I found it ?
Does love look tall, dark, and handsome?
Does love smell like flowers ?
Does love sound like a melody or well orchestrated symphony?
Do I feel it?
Does love feel like a warm summer's day?
Is love sneaky?
Will it wrap its arms around me a never let go?
Is love quick, maybe fast?
Will it leave me wanting more and never last…..
Drip Drip Drip
The sound of the blood from the blade she just connected to her skin.
Where is her love?
When he hangs up the phone after hearing that his brother was just shot in the back of the head
Three Bullets, one gun, no life , no love
Is it that we are not worthy of love?
Why does love leave us when we need it the most ?
Love is patient Love is Kind
Love is reckless and maybe, sometimes, when love is not being picky that day, love is blind.
Where is my love?
They say “don’t look for love, love will find you”
How long will that take?
If love is so great why does it hide?
My heart is ready, my soul is the gate
So love, why make me wait?
It seems that love may be all over the place.
Where is my love?
As I sit in the corner, I can’t breathe.
“One mississippi, two mississippi, three..”
Shh listen
It's my heart beat.
The tears stream down my face
I think “will my brother ever really be okay”
Where was my love then?
Shh listen
It’s my mother's heartbeat
That's odd...
She swallows the last pill
Her last thought being
“how did I end up here? Gezell, my dear, be great for love awaits you”
Where is her love?
But atlast love is mysterious
Just when you think you pictured it love has changed
I fall into the ocean
I forgot how to swim
I am drowning maybe
I close my eyes
Water fills my lungs as air escapes it
Shh listen
“Love, is that you?”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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