Poem #74


Best friend turned traitor

Who is truth and who is a hater

So much love you dedicated

Just left, discarded and desecrated

No longer could you tolerate it

So gone, the ones who left you empty and desiccated

But all the fakes you though you obliberated

Left a weasel in the form of a mate

Does it all come down to fate?

The ones you become close to just use you as bait

You see as you wait

They "try" to catch you, but always too late

Letting you fall into the arms of the bitter and irate

Their friendship, forever destined to be a mistake

And you left so much of yourself at stake

Only to break, to become the fool that they make

Like a black hole, from your heart they take

Until all of your light is stolen, not a drop left for your sake

But remains of a charred soul, like sweetly-poisoned cake

Best friends no longer, for it's you they forsake

Your empty shell wasting like others in their wake


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