Plz world peace

I had dream that one day we could make world peace
Aint nobody else believe in et dream but me
My moms told me the world will never change
I said mom yes it will just wait and see

Never learned how to be nice
Grew up in the streets
From the jungle of louisville
Where nobody eats

Aint never gonna try to some one im not
Just let me know if you have a problem
Hit me on da spot

Now we up and trynna help everydoby get to the top
Cuz all the niggas from my hood only know how to mop
They aint never been able to leave the spot
All brother ever did was go to work and he got popped

Now when i ask for world peace everyone screamin stop
But i told em nah i cant do that to my moms
Gotta make the world better before it drops
Into the obis and never tops

Now just like the times before
Everyone told my dream was unrealistic had me feelin sore
I want people to get along even more
Tell me god is that to much to ask for

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Our world
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This is a poem of my dream. Violence needs to stop. We need to help our world become a better place for humans and animals to live in together.

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