Please Put The Gun Down

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 07:58 -- RLP2000

Please put the gun down

I'm begging you

Unload the bullets from that nuisance

Place it down

And I'll hold you

This can't be the way you go out

Your death sentence wasn't meant to be mandated by your hand or a trigger

Life and fate have things in store for you

A shower of powder doesn't need to be what buries you six feet under

You need a lifeline or someone to save you?

I'm no superman or super hero by any means

But I'll put on a cape, catch you,

And hold you

Please put the gun down

I'm begging you

You may have reached your end point

But if you shoot that gun

Our youth will all be gone

I know people can be cruel

And the words they have hurt you with don't have a return policy

However, neither can their lives be restored

No amount of tears

On their pillows

From their parents and loved ones can bring them back

Another mass shooting isn't what we need

I know adrenaline has taken you over

But don't bring that deadly weapon into the four walls

Where we are supposed to grow

And show compassion

To avoid all the vigils

To avoid thoughts and prayer tweets

And hashtags that read rest in peace

All you gotta do is put it down

Please put the gun down

I'm begging you

Bullets don't pick and choose who to target

Guns aren't supposed to discriminate

Your job is to protect the people, all of us

But somehow you feel threatened by melanin

From head to toe you are filled with rage

Stop the prejudice and hate

Stop killing off innocent people because of their race

If you are suppose to be a worker of justice

Then what justice is there in slaughtering away children and teens from their parents?

You say you shot them out of self defense

It's unfortunate that you bigotry cops get away without a criminal offense

All this death and blood wouldn't. be splattered up and down the roads

If you just thought for a minute

And put your gun down

This poem is about: 
Our world


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