Please, Just Understand

Please, don't touch me.

But, please, hug me. 

Please, make sure everything is in order.

But, please, let me do it.

Please, don't make eye contact with me. 

But, please, tell me my blue eyes are pretty.

Please, don't talk to me.

But, please, sit down and listen to my heart beat.  

Please, don't ask me to relax.

But, please unwind me. 

Please, don't look at me. 

But, please, tell me I'm worth something.

Please, don't call me a drama queen.

But, please, accept that I'm dramatic.

Please, don't stare at my shaking hands.

But, please, hold them in yours. 

Please, don't ask me why I'm crying. 

But, please, wipe my tears up with your thumb.

Please, give me the time of day.

But, please understand that I'll be quiet.

Please, don't look at me differently when I tell you.

Please, hug me.

Please, kiss me. 

Please, cuddle me. 

Please, get me something to eat.

Please, just understand me when I tell you that I'm OCD, and I must have control.

But, please understand that I'm also anxious, so control is hard for me to handle.

Please, know that I am not my mental illness.

Please, know that I am me. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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