Please, I'm Me & That's Enough

Welcome to society, 

feel free to be who you want to be.

But, make sure we like who that person is. 

Love yourself and your body,

but make sure it's skinny with curves around the hips, 

and on the bum.

Please, girls, feel free to be silly. 

But, make sure it looks sexy.

Be confident, 

but, be insecure too, because confidence is arrogance.

I was troubled by the rules.

Do I follow them or do I break them into pieces?

I'm not what you call the ideal girl.

But, I'm me and that's enough.

I'm short. Only five foot two.

My hair is half-blonde, half-blue.

My bum isn't impressive. 

My stomach isn't flat.

I don't always shave.

I'm quiet.

I'd rather read a book than talk to you.

I'd rather shut off my hearing aids than talk to you.

Please, do not whisper and ask if I can hear you.

Yes,I can hear you. I am not deaf. Only impaired.

I've never been in love, never held a heart to take care of.

But, God, love is incredible.

I study the floors of the classroom.

Everyone else studies problems that they will never get up and solve.

My heart was made to break,

but that's okay, I have OCD, 

so I'll just put the pieces back in order.

I don't understand math.

What is two plus two? Five. I totally forgot.

I hate English, too.

Commas and the differences between there, their and they're. 

You see, I am not something. 

I am everything.

I am the pictures I take.

I am the ink of the pen I write with.

I am all the notebooks I collect.

I am the ring I wear every day. 

I am the words in the books I read.

I am a kaleidoscope of blues and yellows.

Pinks and purples.

Blues and browns, 

and everything in between.

I am not society's ideal girl. 

But, that's okay. 

I'm me and that's enough. 





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