Please don't shut me out.

I      swing and  b a n g 

on            your tall,       frigid walls  

hoping and wishing to         demolish them,  

     I’ve only made  c r a c k s 


What could  I have done differently? 


The day  you poured  your heart out to      me 

and pleaded for  me to hold  you and rock  you, 

you   w o k e  , 

but  I told  you to go back to sleep. 


So,  you've     h i d d e n  yourself away in a place 

far from  me, and no matter how high      I climb 

I can’t reach            you— 


Before  I knew,      the roles had switched 

and        I was the one pleading for     you 

to let       me in and protect        you. 

Even now        I still beg of   you— 


Tell   me          about the monster 

living  in   your head. 

Show  me         how to  b r e a k     into the tower 

and save         you from          yourself.  

Tell        me how to get        my little girl back. 


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My family
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