Pleasant Summer Afternoon


United States
32° 22' 41.736" N, 90° 21' 21.6288" W

Crickety Crack
Goes the rocking chair as I rock on it
Watching the butterflies kiss the tulips ever so gently as they flutter to the next one
I tap my barefoot on the dusty gritty wood planks
As I hum a tune
I stop quickly as a bird lands in the bath
Admiring it I go into a daydream
My eyes fixed on the little blue bird
With each flick on its wings and cock of the head
It sprinkles diamond like water droplets ubiquitously
I blink twice and smile as it fly's away
I reach over to grab my glass of ice cold lemonade
The condensation runs over my fingers as I bring it towards me
It touches my lips and I close my eyes
I take a smooth sip
The lemonade touches my lips
Cool and crisp
Its sweet and sourness lingers on my tongue
I think to myself what a "Pleasant Summer Afternoon"



I created this poem because I absolutely love Summer.

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