Lord of the Heavens calm my heart
Because it cannot have what it wants
Calm the sometimes emptiness if the heart
Calm the worry and the despair
Alas! Oh Lord! Do not leaves us now!
My soul cries out! I beg to be heard!
Oh God Almighty, do not bring more punishment to our lives!
I can no longer bear the dismay
It is consuming me inside!
It makes a hole inside my ribs!
It can not be healed
Please! All almighty do not leaves us now!
Not now or ever
My rebellious flesh does not want to bend
But my soul and spirit weep!
Stronger they are
King of all make it sweet instead of bitter
How much more will I weep?
How much will I ask?
How much more will I see the struggle of the last hopes in the frozen months, fearing the coming of snow, dreading the final blow?
Oh Lord! Make me strong! Let me not succumb to despair, for is the edge of insanity!
Please, I beg at your feet for forgiveness
For our own results we suffer.
And now I can not contain my grieving soul from Speaking out, for I look upon you Father
Let your Spirit maintain us for longer times
Prove them wrong!
provide for us!
make us heal!
I long to sob!
but I must be strong in the light,and until the curtains are drawn I must not crumble!
Weakness I shall not show
For the accusers is another fault, added up to tons!
the most patient of all now listens to my sufferings and hopes.
I dare not let my tongue roll out, for in all my rambling
All the pleas are one alone: Almighty do not leaves now!


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