A Plath Paved Road

Sylvia falls while a light fades.

Her hallucinations rise under excitement’s haze.

Colors melt before her vision

Coca cola crimson and arctic blue

Carnation pink and blacks of every hue


And just as easily as it had all come,

The glitz, the glamour, the excitement, the illusion,

Her symphony's high came to a crashing conclusion.


Her tumor had arrived,

Once injecting energy, strength, and creativity

Has inoculated enough to be deemed insanity


Though it took her life much too soon, 

Syvlia Plath detailed, so bravely, a taboo of the times, 

Her tumor of bipolar disorder on an otherwise brilliant mind.


By stripping the stigma and exposing the shame,

Revealing what vice lurked beneath her iron-wrought gates,

Sylvia Plath paved the road for discussion and hope.



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