A Plan - I Can - I Am

Determinded, courageous, happy and free

In a country where all can choose what they'll be


Freedom to choose that path we will take

THe options are endless, make no mistake


The limits are boundless and your life you can choose

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose


In a word I'm audacious and here's what that means

What you see's just the surface, there's more than there seems


Willing to follow where my dreams dare to go

Over mountains, through valleys, across rivers that flow 


I'm curtious, valliant, and very caring 

But I'm also gutsy, spunky, and daring


I was raised to love Jesus and do good unto others

Because GOd made all of us sisters and brothers


I know life is not fair and you reap what you sow

The way you treat others God surely knows


Live to serve others but stay true to yourself

There's only one you, dont put your dreams on the shelf


Keeping my head in the game and my eyes on the prize

It is my opal to help our county realize


Our verterans are heroes, they are priceless and brave

They should never regret all that they gave


Wounded warriors it is, my plan to serve

To help them regain the lives they deserve


So many have served and selflessly given

So people like us can live the lives we are living


So many have lost loved ones to war

But warriors still living fight battles galore


The fight does not stop when weapons cease fire

The mind, body, spirit I will heal and inspire


Veterans deserve treatment befitting a royal

Their body's and mind should not have to toil


Loyalty to country, God, and fellow man

This is what's driving my future plan


In honor of those who lost sisters and brothers

Uncles and aunts, fathers and mothers


Those who have served us, I'll assist to prevail

From the burdens of wars that make them feel that they've failed


My dad is a veteran and so is my brother

My grandpa is too, in my family there are others


My life is not perfect, and sometimes it's quite crazy

Sometimes I'm busy and sometimes I'm lazy


We all have times when our lives are fiascoes

But I'll still be the difference


I'm Aubrey T Glasco 



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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