Plain Jane

She's not the first girl you see when you walk into a room
Her beauty is hidden beneath her pain
In her eyes , there is a story
But when she smiles, you forget it's there..

It's hard not to love her
Even harder to get her to believe you
She wears locks on her heart
And she's used to being used
Don't be fooled by plain Jane
She's been taught the hard way
She was once A fool to Love
But Love didn't love her enough
It made her hide within herself and become average
So love would no longer look for her
Love never really wants the plain girl anyway...

Now, Plain Jane quietly pushes it away
All the while wanting it
More than she wants to breathe
Is it the lack of love that suffocates her? Or maybe the desire
She's dying for Love's sake
Sacrificing her heart so Mr. Right won't have to go through hell to change it.
If he accidentally finds her, she'll fight the urge to run the other way..

But Why don't you notice her?
She's a pretty girl with a personality that sticks
But is she beautiful?
You ask
Are you willing to love her?
Could she be enough? No...?
Maybe not.. And So you walk on by
Her beauty didn't captivate you
she didn't have enough to offer
Cause Most people don't realize Plain Jane is plain by choice
They think it's nothing there so they leave her be

but She's just a beautiful girl that was broken piece by piece


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