This Place

I live in a place where people like to throw around their money.
Where having the best car is a daily competition.
Where having the best summer body is a must.
When special events roll around, better watch your back.
The queen bees are out to get you.
They like to oneup each other and leave no survivors.
Speaking of no survivors, people die all the time around here.
And you are not exempt from this,
If you live here, you will die too.
Don't even get me started on the elected officials.
There is so much to do, but nothing gets done.
We do wind up getting in trouble a lot though.
Also, poverty is very obvious.
There are people on the streets wanting food.
But the citizens are too greedy to give up their money.
You always have to keep both eyes open.
You never who or what is coming for you.
Sometimes its good, and sometimes its bad.
Being a citizen here is hard.
Every day is a battle.
But not everything about this place is bad.
You get to make your own decisions.
People can voice their opinions obviously.
But you have the ultimate say over your life. 
You can also have a "free" education.
There are a few fees to attend our public schools.
But at least we get to attend.  
Another cool thing about this place is the open land.
Some areas of our community haven't been developed yet.
The forest is still undisturbed. 
This place always gives you certain freedoms.
Mind you they have to follow the rules.
But freedom is freedom. 
You can also fight for what you believe in.
The nearby squadron could always use some help.
You just have to sign up and take a few tests. 
When you live in this place, depending on what area you live in, you can marry who you want.
Once you are 18, you are as free as a bird.
People might judge you, but who cares what they think. 
This place has its downsides and its good sides.
You just have to take it how it is.
Whether it is the best that it could possibly be or the worst.
Life is what you make of it.
You can change it or you can live how you have been living.
This is my tribute to life, Earth, and America. 
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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