PIp's Rescue

Deep in the forest, where the black moths play

Lies a species of creature that may not have existed today

They call themselves, "Dreadlox" from a tale

Far too old, a sort of pixie-like creature

(Or, at least, that's what I'm told)

To describe them is quite a task: faces similar

To cats with the exception of the long ears,

Pupil-free eyes (Should I say a "pupil mask?"),

Stout, furry human-shaped body, with paws

For hands and feet, clear dragonfly wings,

And a poof-tipped tail, but, you

Believe this is a myth

Well, believe it or not, this is one

Story worth the wait, for if you

Stop and listen, you'll hear sounds of 

Symphonies by the ton, so come on this journey,

All who are fast asleep, come and listen 

To how the last of her kind saved

The universe near and far and how

A Dreadlox came to weep

It was a gloomy summer morn when

Pip opened her lids

She didn't know the dark secret of the

Dark beast, heart torn

In fact, she wasn't even sure 

If it had a heart

There was a hole on its chest and

Its stance was quite stiff

This beast made of shadows had

Many a form, so Pip,

Though she could only see him from

A distance, could tell he was bad

Looking around at

Her friends, paralyzed, she knew

She had to run fast, or 

Else her life would come to an end

(Pip definetly didn't want that)

She sped as though she were a cheetah, the

Wind on her wings, but she didn't know the beast

Could hide as well as a rat, in

Every corner, in every gap

Pip developed and emotion called "Fear",

A terrible infestation that runs up the body and

Makes the hate thier years

Looking back, the woods began to disappear or shift,

A very alternate reality like what could be the 

Fate of man (Perhaps this is what Ghandi

Saw for us, but the world may never know)

Now, a Dreadlox is seen to be a scaredy-cat,

But they're actually gentle

Unless disturbed by a disturbing person or a fee

And this is precisely

What dear old Pip came to see:

She saw nothing but pain and wanted

To help her clan, but, due to Pip's unfocused min, 

Her behavior was storm rain

Her foe-a Shadow Master, Pip called it-

Gathered up in a team,

Which made her gnash her teeth, but

It had no tip

The walls were all closing in, tornadoes of

Darkness in awakening, so Pip froze and began to hum

Since she knew it had the pin 

Pip shook her head as the chilling breeze

Stopped in its tracks,

Making her wonder why

These monsters had been milling

To her surprise, looking left, right, the

Masters formed into one, a being at least 50 feet tall, a

True terror of the night

Without realizing, she hummed louder,

Faster, soon beginning to sing, 

The love of her people being her last sum

She was unaware of how 

She had begun to fade into Time

And Space, but all that seemed to matter

Was how the Shadow Master

Covered his ear, whole,

While off in the parallax, the Dreadlox

Began to wake, and, sadly, Life nearly 

Finished taking its grand toll,

Of Pip, a girl too young to

Underastnd what sacrifice

Unto her had done

As her last breath faded, the occurance

Was no more, but the

Soul of her bravery will never

Be degraded (And if you

Do as I asked and listen, just listen,

You may hear her calming melody of the power

Of caring glisten) 


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