Pinky Promises Were Meant To Last Forever

Elementary days, drama was not a factor,
I met the love of my life and a best friend that wouldn't tell,
My secrets, my crushes, my dreams, and my lifestyle,
Pinky promises were meant to last forever.

Middle school, that love of mine didn't work out but my best friend stayed,
Tears, grunts of anger, and emotions surge through my veins,
Contemplation, temptation, and procrastination, she's been through it with me,
Sleepovers and breakfast at night, laughs that were so loud, we woke your parents up.
We tried dating, but mistakes were made.
Pinky promises were meant to last forever.

Mid-Summer, everything is new again.
That two-month fight, but everything is better,
Closer and closer, all over again,
Back to how we were in the very beginning,
Pinky Promises were meant to last forever.

High school, oh man,
Everyone I thought would stay didn't!
Everything is falling apart at the seams, those sleepless nights and attempted-,
She's gone.
Pinky promises were not meant to last forever, they don't. 

Here I am in the present,
Sometimes I still hear your voice in the back of my head, 
I remember when I tried to shove a butterscotch up your nose,
I remember wanting to own an apartment with a thousand cats,
No, I'm not here to ask for your forgiveness.
But can we go back to when pinky promises were meant to last forever?

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