A Pink Carpet

Tokyo adorned with a jewel named spring

Beauty and Fragrance is what thou bring

Sakura blossoms covering the trees

Falling on me with the soft breeze


Wearing a kimono under the Sakura rains

Peace and love flowing through my veins

A pink carpet created under my feet

Sakura lovers are approaching to meet


Opened palm waiting for a gift

Holding a blossom which fell on so swift

Lying on the carpet watching the radiant sun

It’s thy happiness, the Hanami fun


Viridescent leaves are nowhere to be seen

Rosie colors are being so keen

Chasing the Sakura aroma I love

Is now falling on me from above


Sakura, Thou made my crestfallen heart gone

I wish to live in your scent spreading zone

Spring, I fecund you through the whole year

To be in the Sakura woods without a fear



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