Deeply immersed in the dark and the eery 
Sometimes everything seems cloaked
The news, the writings on the wall
They all scream at me
They all scream at us
But I read in between the lines
In between the moments of defeat
Because these are just moments 
They all distract me 
They all distract us
From seeing that brightness 
The color in a flower as it blooms towards the glorious sun
The atmosphere when the painters come out to play
They are all here for me
They are all here for us
When we arrive brand new and bubbly 
To the moments when our laughs sound like stories 
We are flourishing in this beauty
They all grow with me
They all grow with us
During this time, we are able to pluck little moments of perfection
The smell of the salty breeze as it rolls along the burning sand
The chuckling of the timbers as they sputter embers into the night's air
They happen for me
They happen for us
Yet none can compare to the embrace of a fellow friend
Nor can any compete with the discussions that hover about a family table
This love is unique to every life that lives
It will consume me
It will consume us
Remember those moments that send sparks into the air
The times when the joy threatens to burst from your chest
Because life fills our album with beautiful, amazing pictures 
I just need to see it
We just need to see it


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