The Picture Of You

It has been a long time since we last saw each other,
But the picture of you is still in my memory.
My darling, please continue to wait patiently for me.
I must endure one more year in captivity,
After that I shall be free to come home again.
I look forward to the day when I can be close to you.
My darling, I shall listen to your laughter,
And I shall certainly dry your tears of joy.
Our love will keep us strong until that time comes.

It feels like hell within this lonely prison cell.
I count the day that these bars hold me against my will.
I look outside through the small window;
In the distance I see a pretty flower dancing in the breeze,
And it reminds me of your alluring beauty.
My darling, I feel your sorrow and your loneliness;
I imagine your frequent cries day and night.
When you are not with the one you love so much,
It does bring heartache and unhappiness.
And you wish you could see me standing at your door.

My darling, do not lose hope when the sun sets,
For it will rise again above the mountain in the morning.
And God will soon answer your earnest prayer.
The day will come when you will be in your arms again.
And I shall have you, not just the memories of you.
Time will not weaken the bond between us;
Neither will foreign land extinguish my love for you.
My darling, keep praying for me until I see you again.
The picture of you will always remain in my heart.


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