The Picture in my Head

My dear person,

I've loved you with evey beating of my heart

I keep on fighting, fighting for the picture in my head


We're laying on a blanket, out on the grass, Etzio running around

Blue sky, clouds are out, images are being formed

I spot a dog


We're out shopping, passing stores, Etzio on his leash, barking

As we turn to see what has his attention

There are baby huskies for sale, but as I see, my eyes only spot one

He was so beautiful, with blue eyes, black and white fur

I look at you, he was our beloved dog, Pain


We're home preparing dinner out on the deck

Candles set out, blankets on the floor, wine and glasses on the table

You brush off the hair on my face, smile and then place a gentle, sweet kiss on my forehead

We stare up to the night sky, stars everywhere

Before shutting my eyes, I hold your hand, then I make a wish


Years go by

We're out in the back, sitting on the bench

Staring, as the sun goes down

I lay my head on your shoulder, whispering

'This is the picture in my head'


I'll always love you, infinity and beyond.



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