Picture me

Tare down my youth as you can see

am I not youth as all do agree

my picture aged,but I am young

still smile the pleasure I must view

tare down this young this young is me

but old perhaps, Tare tells a tale

of youth I was still youth still am

weathered  torn as now no longer needed

gone my vision need no more

I am of yesterday  yet look of today

am I not still this vision young

with edges torn as weather aged

covered tried as if to hide of me

no longer need for all to see

some tried blotting image new

no message could compete

I am of ageless aging time

yet sweet the innocence  I show

no cover could strip my picture

leave me torn ,stripped but whole

I am my innocence portrayed sweet me

Yesterday I was ,today still am



This poem is about: 
Our world


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