picture the dreama life we

picture the dream

a life we all except as perfect

and anything else is progressive or uncertain

with some blonde little babies on amusement park rides

while their girl-and-boy parents smile in eachothers eyes.

but what if the spouses were 

two women, or two men, 

would the white picket fence be painted blackthen?
in the fine print 

of these terms and conditions 

administered to us all

maybe there it states

"you must be this weight and be x inches tall"
ive heard life is just a rollercoasterand there are highs and there are lows 

but what would it be like if you were never to know

if you were sent back in line 

after spotting a sign 

that said you needed white skin to ride on this ride?

because its all just a construct 

but we name names like some conduc-

tor is guiding our orchestra of staryotypes and corrupt



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