Pick Up The Pieces


Everyone's broken in some way.

Everyone's been through something, everyone's experienced a hardship, everyone's been so tired to the point that bone is melded to skin and blood is the normal sweat.

Everyone's broken.

That's why we reach out to each other. 

Others complete what's missing in us.

And at the same time, they find the broken person to be interesting.

Just like art can be strange yet beautiful, just like a statue can be chipped yet valuable.

That's how a person is, because mistakes are beautiful. 

And just because a valuable vase is chipped, doesn't mean it has to be less than what it was.

We break.

Because we're human.

We cry.

Because we're human.

We are imperfect.

Because we're perfectly human.

Take the hardships and keep them close.

It is what molds us into our perfect art forms.

Take the joy and savor it.

It is what makes life worth living.

Take the broken pieces, and share it with others.

It is what makes connections.

What is chipped can be replaced.

One is never less than another.

Everyone's broken in some way.

It takes a true human to live with it.


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