The Physicalities of Love

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 13:37 -- bw2914

His big beautiful brown eyes

shown through the darkness

like a summer's sunset

just before the night falls.

His arms grasp me ever so tightly,

and in that moment,

I could never let go.

His hair flowed through the breeze

with such grace and beauty,

it's as if the fingers of God

were running through them as we speak.

His soft, luscious, luxurious lips

Perk up ever so slightly when I

Mention his name.

And how he kisses me.

How the blood rushes

Through my veins

And my heart beats out my chest.

The intensity of our passion for one another

Is immense when our lips meet.

He’s perfect in every way.

And the physicalities of love

Attracted us to each other,

Then soon our minds, emotions, and

souls became one.


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