He sits in his room contemplating on his life, he feels alone as he's in his house at night.
However his heart is filled to the brim with joy, this joy he hasen't felt since he was a boy.
He pulls out an envelope with photos of his childhood memories, He wishes he could go back to those days no drama no friends turned into enemies.
tears of longing and remenisence begin to show on his face, he just wishes sometimes he could go back to those days.
"Wipe those tears away" he hears a familiar voice say.
"Be glad thats all down the past days, be glad that since then you've changed."
"My son you still have a long way to go but so far you've made me proud, don't quit and don't let us down."
He wakes up from the day dream pictures still in his palm, he sets them down in a new envelope labled "Photos which my future generations shall pass along."

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I really like this poem

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