Phobia Euphoria

Sat, 12/26/2015 - 03:42 -- Erz

Instead ofbeing the onewho hurts,Becomes the onegetting hurt. Embrace, this is me.No. not yet. Mysteries of tragedies?sufferings that'll never end.Apathy.Every laugh, every single smile-invokes remorse.Melancholy.But please, don't defile.All I want is pure innocence,blooming in luscious eloquence.Beauty.Trancing chanted maze.caught by Gorgon gaze.For a moment, I knew.I was happy. Telling me, those-soft, slow killing cry?"Believe me, I like you."oh my, oh why?Why turn to monster?My screams makes you cringe,How sadist are you, binge-eater?You drool for me-my innards, my critter.Said they taste nice, nah bitterelusion's my goal, scrambleddespair-churned hopeand Terror. Save me, I beg!Pity my lowly life,and unrequitted love.for someoneI thought to be the keyto happiness, content.but you too? shall resent?Better be a monster,murderer, harbinger ofloneliness, of pain.Can't undo, I'm no longer sane.devoured completely, cannibalistic-Savagery. Now decide, now realize!of harsh fate, harsh paradise.The more you love,the more you sacrifice-yourself, someone else.We're all slaves,we're all victimsof false personalities,faking all realities.sickening everybody elseto very edge of insanity.Kill me once, die I will.Kill me twice, I shall live still.And watch you die. Instead ofbeing the onegetting hurt,Becomes the onewho hurts. Tremble, this is new me.Now, it's my turn.

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